20: How to Create a Safe Space for Your Child | Christina Rice

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Christina Rice suffered from mental and health disorders since the age of 3. Sadly, for most of her life, she didn’t feel she could share her true thoughts and emotions – even with her parents. Now a healthy and successful business owner, Christina talks about how to create a safe space for others, particularly our kids.

  • “I felt like I was just thinking about things and worrying about things that nobody else could understand. And when I would try to talk to people about it, it was just in one ear and out the other.” – Christina Rice
  • “When I finally was able to get to the root of my gut health, a lot of my intense paranoia went away.” – Christina Rice
  • “I feel like nutrition is the gateway into being able to see everything else more clearly.” – Christina Rice
  • “Be fully present. Listen. It’s not all about what are we going to do next or what’s the end goal, but, where are we right now?” – Emily Melious


Emily Melious

Emily Melious

Talent Management Consultant | Career Coach | Podcast Host

Christina Rice

Christina Rice

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Energy Healer | Holistic Business Coach for Ambitious Entrepreneurs


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