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24: A Teacher’s Outlook on the 2020-2021 School Year | Kristin Weaver

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Kristin Weaver is a German teacher in the public school system and a mom of four. With the upcoming school year being far from normal, Kristin and Emily talk frankly about the grief and how overwhelmed parents feel right now. 

  • “I think that the biggest thing for me is that we come together as a community and accept all of this together and give each other a little bit of grace through all of this.” – Kristin Weaver
  • “When they sent out a survey for parents, a majority of parents said, you know, we want our kids to be back in school.” – Kristin Weaver
  • “I’ve always been the find the positive lining, I have to just make things happen. And all of a sudden, I was stopped dead in my tracks and I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen.” – Kristin Weaver
  • “Sadly, the indicators we do have from Spring, and I’ve talked directly with educators at high levels who have said, and I believe there is a lot of data to support this, that our kids went backwards or at best, many of them stayed in the same place.” – Emily Melious
  • “Emotionally, to be frank, it kind of just sucks. I mean, it’s not what I want it to be, and it’s not what I think my kid deserves, because he is amazing and he deserves to have a classroom that is engaging and has teachers who are engaging and love him because that’s what they do.” – Kristin Weaver
  • 1:06 – Initial reactions to the upcoming school year
  • 11:00 – The unknown
  • 12:51 – The side effects of a virtual education
  • 17:33 – The grieving process


Emily Melious

Emily Melious

Talent Management Consultant | Career Coach | Podcast Host

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Kristin Weaver

German Teacher | Mom | Business Owner


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