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30: Improving Our Kids’ Mental Wellness | Nicole Loucks

COO of Dynamynd, Nicole Loucks, shares the groundbreaking research showing the strong link between self-efficacy and mental wellness. More specifically, kids who believe they have valuable talents to contribute are at lower risk for mental health struggles. Given its importance, Nicole and Emily talk through ways to increase the self-efficacy in our kids.

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29: How to Raise Confident Kids | Alyssa Dver

Alyssa Dver is Founder & CEO of the American Confidence Institute, author of 7 bestselling books, a TEDx and Boston Best Speaker, and a podcast co-host. Listen in as Alyssa shares the incredible brain science behind confidence. She and Emily also discuss helpful tips for raising confident kids.

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27: How to Make Homeschooling a Lifestyle | Claire Osborne

Claire Osborne decided to homeschool her kids – now 16 and 13 years old – from the start of their education, and she never looked back. Claire shares how her family made homeschooling a lifestyle and, most importantly, customized the experience to each child. You’ll also learn the truth about homeschooling as Claire and Emily debunk common myths.

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