40: Battling Limiting Beliefs | Jennifer Beitz

Jennifer Beitz admits that she wasn’t always a rockstar parent, especially in the early years. However, through self reflection and dealing with her limiting beliefs, she grew into a confident mother. Listen as Jennifer shares how to do the necessary “inner work” to thrive as a parent.

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39: Overcoming Negative Labels | Nathan Todd

Nathan was born with Cerebral Palsy and turned his adversity into his advantage. He shares with Emily how negative labels often lead to loneliness. He wants everyone to know that labels DON’T define us. And when we have no labels, we have no limits.

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38: The Life Autistic | Hunter Hansen

Hunter Hansen was diagnosed with autism at age 16. Today, he is a full-time data visualization professional, husband, and father. He shares his personal journey of initially struggling with the label to now openly advocating for the autistic community.

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